A sunny afternoon in Whitby

After a lovely morning spent strolling around Scarborough and a couple of hours of midday snooze we headed up the coast to Whitby and more east coast delights.

We parked at West Cliff next to the Captain Cook memorial statue just as one cheeky seagull perched on the Captain’s head! We then walked down the steps following the road down to the harbour wall. I love being by the sea and I stood on the harbour wall and watched the vicious waves beat against the stone barrier thinking that anyone caught in those waves and eddys wouldn’t stand a chance. The water outside the harbour wall was a mass of white foam and the waves constantly battered the wall and beach. I could feel the salty spray in the air whipped up by the force of the wave action. A few feet across the wall however the water was like a millpond. Not a wave in sight, just a few ripples and an amazing example of the original term “safe harbour” and a result of an incredible feat of engineering.

Whitby is a fascinating little harbour town with many attractions and quirky alleys to explore but one thing I found to my dislike was that my fish & chip lunch was cooked in beef dripping….YUK! No wonder the seagulls are so big.They must get more than their fair share of leftovers if my donation to their hungry cause was anything to go by. It may be a local delicacy but it is one I will give a wide berth to in future.

Whilst feeding my chips to the gulls  Elizabeth the Steam Bus trundled into the harbour and parked up. I have never seen a steam bus before and didn’t know they still existed so to meet Elizabeth was a real treat.

With my cough and cold really starting to take hold, there was no way I felt like climbing the steps the other side of the town to the Abbey ruins so we drove instead. I didn’t realise that the Abbey was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and whilst the day was sunny and bright and the skies were blue, I could imagine the silhouette of the ruins at dusk and into the night.

We stopped long enough to take some photos but the temperature dropped quite quickly when the wind picked up blowing across the North Sea and we made our way back to Scarborough in good time to have a rest before dinner…..how civilised!


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