When life gives you paper………

…make a scrapbook!

It is amazing what you can create with a few bits of paper, glue and a little imagination. I don’t consider myself an expert but in a very short time I have learnt how to have fun, relax, experiment and end up with some great keepsakes for me and others. It’s a real pleasure and very satisfying to create and craft with family documents and photos, to journal memories and funny stories, many of which would be lost if kept in a box in the attic. So absorbed am I with my new hobby that the world could end and I wouldn’t even notice. This has to be good for clearing the mind and allowing it some respite from the daily onslaught of negativity which is a by-product of my depression.

So dig out those fabulous old black and white portraits of generations gone-by; ask your family about their memories; grab some fabulous, funky papers, ribbons, bows, stamps and inks and make a scrapbook which you will treasure for years to come. There is plenty of information, inspiration and instruction on the internet and in magazines so you should be able to produce a lovely page very quickly and once you start, beware, you’ll be hooked!

Here are some examples of what I have created over the past few months and some links to further help.







The Scrapbook Fairy

Rebecca Ludens-About Scrapbooking      

Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn

JLT Crafts-Lutterworth     

Crafty DAZE-Melton Mowbray




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