Day by day

Showing people that having bouts of depression is nothing to be ashamed of, alarmed at or permanently debilitating gives me great satisfaction and, although I could do better myself by following my advice, I’m still here and living life as best I can.

Depression is something that many of us have to live with and coping on a day by day basis is the only way forward. It is difficult to plan when you see no future or have no energy to spend beyond getting past the next milestone. But we must all remember that depression is only one part of our make-up and does not need to define who we are on a daily basis.

 I have been very lucky to have received psychological support and guidance from a highly qualified and experienced practitioner and I have benefited enormously from his expertise. However, despite all the clinical diagnoses and treatment, the medication and science, his mantra for depression is and always has been; ” The best cure for depression is how you live your life”.

If any one of us can inspire and encourage those suffering with depression to start living their life again, do things they enjoy and engage with family and friends so that the “cure” can begin, then we should do so and take great pride in that. I am  thrilled therefore to introduce a new Blog to the world of WordPress which was born this week! Day by Day is a very personal account of one person’s struggle with depression and her attempts to overcome its influence on her life. I have known Sue for only a short time but already she is showing the positive signs of someone determined to beat depression once and for all. Good for her and may her Blog inspire many others to do the same.


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