The past two days have been blighted by extreme mood swings which resulted in a dismal, despondent and very tearful Sunday evening followed by a wary start to Monday, ending happily on a very positive note. For someone who takes regular medication with the expectation that it keeps my mood upbeat but stable these swings are unwelcome and totally unpredictable.

I have started to keep a diary as I suspect a visit to my GP/psychologist may be required to discuss these huge variations in my mood but I need to identify some sort of pattern if I can.

To help me do this, I will be returning to Moodscope, the online mood monitoring tool in the hope that it will help me shed light on the patterns and causes. I suspect that there is something going on apart from my depression but we will see in a few weeks time.

In the meantime, my friends once again came to my rescue and helped me through the desperation and I thank them most sincerely for their patience and forbearance.


3 thoughts on “Extremes

  1. Dear Caroline, I Moodscope every day and find the graphs really useful in recording my mood. I think it was one of your posts that introduced me to Moodscope – so thanks!

    • Susan-that’s great to hear and glad it works for you too. As it happens I’m working with the Moodscope team Jon and Adrian on a particular project which is very exciting for me. I met Adrian in London yesterday, what a lovely man. I think it’s a great product. I was just about to write a blog about it which is why I’m in here! Take care C x

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your struggling with unpredictable moods. But it sounds like you have a plan. Nosy of me, but I would be interested to hear your psychologist’s view on this – I have only ever seen psychiatrists for things like this.

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