A new project

As of yesterday I will be working with the Moodscope team on a bespoke project. As many of you will appreciate this is very exciting for me and although it will take quite a bit of my spare  time initially when you are passionate about something it’s not work. It’s a pleasure.  The team at Moodscope are an interesting bunch and really “nice” people to boot. They are also passionate about helping others who suffer with mental ill health.

It has certainly given me a new focus and is a challenge quite different to what I am used to but I know that I have the support of my friends who will help me to get it right.

Here’s to Moodscope and to its successful future.

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3 thoughts on “A new project

  1. I’ve used it in the past, and found it useful. I believe it was first developed with Bi Polar in mind,although I could be wrong about that. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Don’t overdo it, my friend.

    • Thanks Nicolas! yes, Jon Cousins who is bi-polar came up with the idea and is passionate about making it available more widely. This is a good project for me as it takes me away from the “counselling” type role which I find very draining to a more advisory role which suits me much better. Thank you for your concern it is appreciated and yes, I am prone to doing more than my fair share! Keep reminding me and I might get it one day!

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