It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day……

it’s the same life for me. But I’m feelin’ good.

I’m not at work. I’m not racing up and down the UK on a train and I can chill out and enjoy the company of the “Willster” who never fails to raise my spirits and make me laugh.

It’s also hair-cut day. 30 minutes of pure unadulterated  me-time when I can just sit and be pampered. I always say “yes” to the conditioner so I get the 2 minute head massage that goes with it and I have a cup of tea whilst discussing the ups and downs of Man City and the Villa with Paul my hairdresser. A small piece of heaven in the usual chaos.

Celebrate-by Patrick Lindsay

Life is too short not to celebrate
Too often we concentrate on our failures,
or the negatives we encounter.
Enjoy the successes.
Savour the victories, big or small.

Make them memorable and worthwhile and you’re more likely to repeat them.

“Laughter is wine for the soul”     [Sean O’Casey]


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