Today I start tackling mental health issues once more

Today I am in London and today I have two meetings arranged with my fellow conspirators involved in helping people with mental health issues. How good it feels to be back on the campaign trail once again and to focus on matters close to my heart-fighting against the stigma of depression.

First I will be meeting with the KPMG Director of Diversity to discuss ways in which I can help my employer develop a mental health strategy over the next twelve months. This is exciting as I can contribute in a very personal and practical way and watch the developments unfold. Very satisfying. Later in the day I meet with four amazing, inspiring people who have, in a short space of time, become my best friends; Andrew, Glen, Rupert and Leanne. The added “bonus” is that we all have mental health issues, be it depression, anxiety or PTSD, and understand the demands which these illnesses can put on our daily lives. It is comforting to be with my ever expanding tribe as we all continue to talk openly and honestly about our personal stories and spread the word that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

I know that both meetings will involve committment of my time and energy and need to be careful just how much I take on to protect my own health and wellbeing. I am unable to help others if I am not fully fit myself and looking after my mental health has to be a priority.

So, here’s to a successful day in the metropolis and watch this space for further inspiration and details of what is happening out there in the world of mental health.

Have a good day!


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