I’m back

Well. I wasn’t intending to have such a long break but perhaps I needed it?

I haven’t produced a blog post for more than 2 months, which, having originally committed to posting every day is pretty pathetic. However, I do feel refreshed and I do feel that I now have a different take on matters. At almost 50 years of age this has surprised me and made me realise that we are changing all the time and  it is never too late to change our ways and adapt to new demands and new circumstances. This is the key to success and  I’m sure I would have been one of Darwin’s prime specimens of the survival of the species! Having said that, like generations before me, I am still convinced that the new generation lack some of the skills and  behavioural traits that stood us in such good stead. Good manners, humility, and honesty appear to have been overtaken by aggressive, big-headed self-promotion with little or no substance.

This is a shame but I can already see that my son and his peers, my friends children and  acquaintances, and the next generation of our extended family are as talented, if not more so, that we were and can provide hope for us all.

So,  let’s all take hope and comfort that the world may be different for us, but it is full of opportunity for our successors. They will be fine. They understand what is required (as we did), and will fill in the gaps as necessary. They will be as successful and happy, as motivated and fulfilled and as concerned about their progeny as we are now.

That’s life.


2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Welcome back, Caroline. It’s good to read Poppy Posts again. I have learnt that a gap can be a good thing. It sounds to me like you have a renewed energy about you. One thing, though; what is this term ‘pathetic’ that you use about yourself? Long standing habits are hard to discard, I guess. Nothing ‘pathetic’ about you, in my book.

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