I’m “coming out!”

“Coming out” and admitting to my depression wasn’t the easiest thing that I’ve ever done, but it has been one of the most fulfilling, challenging and rewarding decisions I’ve made and furthermore I have no regrets. So how about someone who has “come out” twice? Firstly as a  gay man and secondly as a depression/anxiety sufferer.


Today I met such a person and the more we got chatting the more I recognised the similarities between the two admissions. The  fear of stigma, personal reconciliation, the “journey” towards self-acceptance followed by public admission, reaction of friends, family and colleagues. All were common themes in our discussions and their experience gained over a period of almost 20 years will help me develop a similar support network for my colleagues who have experience of  mental illness. This support network needs to address concerns about confidentiality and anonymity and honest and open communication depending on what stage of the “journey” towards self acceptance and admission people are at. Not an easy task but one which is suddenly made easier to tackle by working with someone who has been there twice!

All this has come about because of my willingness to talk about my experience with depression and regular readers may recognise my mantra: ” I’m not saying it will be easy. I am telling you it will be worth it”.

How true are those words today.

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2 thoughts on “I’m “coming out!”

  1. thank you for this post – very insightful and I admire your courage and what you do here on your blog. you always give me something to think about.
    *We have been in touch in the past, I had a blog walkinginthedark.com but due to privacy issues, I had to make it private (please delete this sentence before posting the comment, thanks)*
    I wanted to let you know my new blog can be found at http://thesameclosedroad.wordpress.com/. I look forward to catching up on your blog! I have been out of it for a little while….you can also see my contributing article on the topic of “Acceptance” here http://thesameclosedroad.wordpress.com/. My best to you, *R*

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