Where I live in 80 treasures (3)- JLT Crafts, Lutterworth

When I set out to give you an idea of the area in which I live by describing 80 treasures, I did say that some would be unexpected and a little offbeat. My treasures don’t have to be stately homes, National Trust or English Heritage properties or of particular intellectual interest. They just have to be treasures for me.

I discovered such a treasure last week when searching the internet for craft supplies in my vicinity. During periods of low mood I find it therapeutic to sit quietly and be creative. Lost in my own world of papers, buttons, brads and stickers, I get absorbed in writing my blog, poetry, photography, water-colour painting or scrap-booking. Whatever the mood takes.

This week I have been quite happy to sit and create more pages for Will’s scrapbook which I started last year. The great thing about scrap-booking is that you can keep coming back to it as and when you feel like it and if you put it away for a few months it doesn’t matter. It’s a work in progress.

It’s always wonderful however to find a source of supplies and inspiration and if that happens to be coupled with only a 15 minute drive from home and a warm, friendly welcome, what more can I ask? This was what I got at JLT Crafts in Lutterworth, a business that has been open only since October last year but deserves to be a huge success if the client service (I was offered a cup of tea whilst browsing), varied selection of products and ease of access counts for anything.

I will be returning as and when I feel the need and in the meantime if you are into card-making or scrap-booking, try JLT Crafts. You won’t be disappointed.

This is what I’ve been up to this week.


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