My garden rallies round

I love my garden and over the years I have chosen my plants carefully. Every one has a meaning or significance and I have spent many hours nurturing them to maturity. The harsh 2010/2011 winter took its toll and I lost several of my favourite plants, and many others are but a shadow of their former selves and are still recuperating.

But gardens are amazing things and although it isn’t quite as spectacular is as usually is at this time of year, it is rallying nicely. With lots of patience, hard work and imagination I’m sure that this time next year I will be looking out onto my garden back to its full glory.

In the meantime I have gaps to fill, shrubs to prune, and plants to move into more favourable positions so that they are more sheltered next winter. I have hanging baskets to plant, pots to pot and a vegetable patch to cultivate. The grape vine is sprouting and will soon cover the garage and the arch, the peonies are in bud and about to burst into pale pink bloom and the hostas are shaping up to be magnificent again.

Having spent a day in the garden I feel re-energised, healthily tired from being out in the fresh air and my Vitamin D levels have been topped up nicely.

Now all we need is some rain!

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