From good news to great news

Three months ago I wrote  a Blog post called “Good News” about a friend and colleague of mine who was busy turning his life around. Since that post, there have been a few more “ups and downs” but today I saw him again and the transformation is amazing. Not only is he looking and feeling better and enjoying being at work again (!) but his partner is also doing well and the whole family seem more at peace. Some of this is the result of seeing a Psychiatrist and getting the right medication for him but the ongoing improvements are all his doing.

How amazing and something which I have to share with everyone who thinks that there is no hope. There is always hope even though you may not see it. It will be there but you have to make that crucial leap of faith and believe. This is the hard bit but without exception, everyone I speak to who is in recovery from depression will tell you that things will and do get better over time. Just hang on in there and things will turn around.

There  is light at the end of the tunnel.



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