Meet Milly the daisy-cropping Dalmatian Diva

Milly lives next door and she is a Diva of a Dalmatian.  Two years old and in the throes of adolescent attention seeking, Milly demands and commands your undivided attention whenever she hears you in the garden. Barking just loud enough to let you know that she is there, she waits for you to look over the fence and welcomes your presence with a very waggy tail and soppy-lopsided grin. Milly is gorgeous and she knows just how to show off her black and white spots to perfection. A red collar, adorned with a bone-shaped name tag is perfect and she wears it with the confidence of a fashion model.

Milly is at that age when the  long-limbs are finally coming under control and she is turning into a graceful and lithe dog yet she is still playful and can be gauche at times. Like all dogs, Milly has a character of her own and no more so than when she is cropping the daisies on the lawn. I have never seen a dog hoover up daisy flower heads like Milly and it is funny to watch as she goes round eating them like they are the latest dog-delicacy.

Milly- you are a star!


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