Depression Awareness Week- We need to talk about it

I started this blog last November during a period of time off work recovering from a particularly severe bout of depression brought on by me doing too much and not looking after myself. I finally “saw the light”, put provisions in place to prevent this from happening again and sensibly (for me)  took some time out to gather my thoughts and my equilibrium. Although I was feeling particularly raw and vulnerable  I was still determined to use my experience  to try and help the “depressed community” by writing openly and honestly about my battles with depression. By community I mean people who suffer themselves, as well as the family and friends who are often at a loss how to cope with and help someone with depression and/or anxiety. And so “Poppyposts” was born.

I am increasingly proud of “Poppyposts” because, contrary to my initial expectations, it clearly and thankfully serves a purpose. It is helpful  for many. If I can only help a few people recognise their condition and seek help, start people talking about depression as not some dreaded lurgy but as a perfectly valid illness in it’s own right, and get sufferers, their friends and family together to fight this illness I will be more than content.


A big “THANK YOU” to the people who have visited this blog 4,500 times in less than 6 months.

Let’s kick depression into touch and regain control.

Thank You


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