Depression Awareness Week- Friends

Over the past difficult couple of months I have been privileged to receive the support of some great mates. What a difference it makes when someone genuinely cares enough to see through the “OKs” and the “fines” to bouy you up as you struggle. Friends, buddies, mates whatever you want to call them are a huge filip when feeling low and a true friend will stick by you when the going is tough.

Diamond rings, flash cars and designer clothes are all very well but it is the everyday efforts that a person makes to ensure that your day is a happy one that counts more than anything.

A person who sacrifices their own immediate feelings and position for the sake of another is a true friend indeed and should be loved and appreciated with all your heart. Indeed, too many times words are spoken in earnest, but are never followed up by the promised act. If you find a friend who is willing to stick their neck out for you, support you, care for you and offer impartial guidance when you least expect it, you are a very lucky person. If they can also make you laugh and cry with joy, reassure you that “No, your bum really isn’t that big” so that you start to believe it, and give you the confidence to break down long-established inhibitions and  barriers to enjoyment I must be one of the luckiest people alive.

Some advice- don’t let them go.

Instead, let them challenge you and your attitudes, habits and  “comfort blankets” to ensure that you develop as a person and become a better, more thoughtful and self-aware individual whilst you grow in confidence day by day.  This is a wonderful relationship to have and not everyone gets the privilege.

The help, support and love of a friend is given unconditionally and without pre-conceptions or judgement. It is invaluable. It is always welcome and should never be taken for granted.

So how do we thank these friends?

By being a good friend in return.

I hope I am.


3 thoughts on “Depression Awareness Week- Friends

    • Aw thank you-I don’t feel the best but I’m getting there. I’ll get so fed up with myself soon that I will snap out of this melancholy and confusion. Anger is a great catalyst.

      • Think of yourself a bit like your garden at the moment, things are slowly changing…. buds appearing, flowers opening, green refreshing everywhere… nature takes its time ….so must you xxx

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