From roller coaster to yo-yo

In the past I have likened my experience with depression to being on a roller coaster ride. Periods of high-energy and positivity interspersed with periods of low-mood, inactivity and apathy. This last week however my mood swings have been more like a yo-yo than a roller-coaster and I am exhausted by the extremes. Having said that, following the alternating extremes of hope and despair,I suddenly feel a lot calmer. It is as if I have exorcised some demons which have lurked under the surface for a while subconsciously causing me to worry and question myself.

This is where Moodscope comes into its own and helps me to plot my moods and to spot patterns and possible reasons for the erratic behaviour. I already have a good idea why I was so up and down. I just need to put plans into place to prevent it happening again any time soon.

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