Get it off your chest-find a friend

For some reason this week I found myself battling a low-mood which hasn’t been this severe  for a while. With lots of things whirling around in my head a mass of confusion and despair I eventually reached the stage where I had to tell someone something. A particular someone a particular something. Clearly my inner-self had decided that I needed to do it and do it soon. I have experienced this overwhelming desire to deal immediately with something very emotional and personal before and the sheer physicality of it can be disconcerting.

I finally found the courage to unburden myself. For me it was a leap of faith but it was one that was rewarded not with the disappointment I expected but with the support, care and respect that I hadn’t dared hope for. I am grateful for this and also appreciate the continued love and support shown since.

Whilst I recommend getting things off your chest, don’t expect everything to settle down immediately. Undoubtedly I felt better for having come clean but worried that my friend would think badly of me, it also left me scared, exposed and vulnerable.  Fortunately my fears were totally unfounded and these feelings didn’t last for long but long enough for my mood to plunge well below the “danger” level in the morning.

Friend to the rescue again and with their help and support I was able to see through the fog of hopelessness and resume normal service. A potential disaster of a morning hit my radar in the end as a blip.

So if you need to talk to someone, find a friend.  Someone who;

  • Does not judge you
  • Forgives your weaknesses
  • Supports and encourages you through your darkest moments
  • Is there 24/7
  • Challenges your negative thoughts and doesn’t let you indulge in them
  • Opens your mind to alternatives
  • Gives you confidence when self-esteem has done a runner
  • Treats every day as a new day. Yesterday is history and has no bearing on tomorrow.
  • You can trust
  • Listens


4 thoughts on “Get it off your chest-find a friend

  1. Glad your friend supported you. I didn’t tell my closest friend till Feb this year and she was ace. Love the picture on this aswell.

  2. If I had a freind like that, or any friend at all, the mere fact of having a friend would do a lot towards lightening my depression. Unfortunatley, I’m friendless.

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