Pink sheep to match pink laptop?!

I was driving from Glasgow to Edinburgh along the M8 earlier today with my colleague John when, in the middle of a perfectly normal conversation, we both did a double-take, shook our heads and looked at each other as if we couldn’t believe our eyes. Was it the tuna salad that caused such amazing hallucinations? If so I’m going back for more.

But no, it wasn’t the tuna salad. There really was a field of pink sheep on our left as we drove past in disbelief.

Now I know I have just treated myself to a pink laptop, and my phone cover is pink, and I have any number of girly pink items around the house but I never expected to see pink sheep.

I was too slow to get my camera out to take a picture so I googled them when I got to the office  just to make sure we weren’t dreaming and here they are. Pink sheep.

Apparently the farmer is well-known in the area for dyeing his sheep different colours apparently to provide some interest for the poor souls who have to drive along that stretch of the M8 regularly. What a great idea and it gave us a few laughs!

Thank you Mr Farmer.

Pyramid Business Park, Bathgate-spray-painted sheep


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