Flexibility and core strength-the keys to success

“Mens sana in corpore sano”-  ” Healthy body, healthy mind”

As part of my “back-on-track” initiative I had my first session with my personal trainer this morning and my goodness I can still feel the effects. Most of the session was taken up with an assessment of my flexibility and core strength and it didn’t matter how many times I told Kat she was evil and that her stop-watch counts the seconds much slower than mine she kept me working mercilessly.

The end result was that my flexibility is amazingly good but I need to work hard on my core strength to get up to scratch.  As we were going through the results it dawned on me just how closely my emotional and mental health condition runs parallel with my physical state. Yes, I am very flexible in my approach to my depression and I try very hard not to accept the low mood as normal and am prepared to battle against it in any way I can. My core mental strength and resilience however is definitely lacking at the moment and the most minor hurdle in my way sends me running for the hills unable to cope.

So now with a combination of a mental health “trainer”  providing me with help, support and exercises to improve my psychological state, and my sadistic personal trainer Kat helping me to get my body back into shape I’m hoping that I have taken a BIG step on the road to complete fitness.

Watch this space!




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