Diary culled- “Delegate, don’t abdicate”

Well. It was tough, it was tricky and it was too much at times but I have trimmed my diary as far as I want to at this stage in an attempt to reduce stress, fatigue and the personal expectation that I can do everything and be everyone to everybody. The words of the BUPA Consultant ring in my ears when I recall that she told me years ago that unless I changed my mind-set I would not be able to cope with getting older, having to slow down and readjust my goals. I remember that I clearly pooh-poohed her and stomped out in a huff saying that will never happen and I won’t accept it. Mmm….seven years on and I guess she was right.

One of my favourite sayings at work is “Delegate, don’t abdicate” and people must be fed up of me telling them to take responsibility for what they ask others to do rather than apportion blame when something goes wrong. This is fine at work. It makes sense. So why I have I not taken more responsibility for my own welfare and done more delegating of my personal “work”  load instead of trying to do it all myself?

There are many and varied complex answers to this question but I realise it has to change. I need to ask for help from friends, family and colleagues. I’m not good at asking for help. To me it indicates weakness and an inability to cope. In fact, it is quite the opposite and for a natural team-player it shouldn’t be too difficult. So, after a couple of days holiday when I will get a brand new lap top to play with, followed by a pamper day at the Champney’s Springs Health Spa I will be ready to embark on my “new” life. A new attitude; A new diet and health regime and no more being second-best.

Take cover. This girl is on the rampage to recovery.

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