Things can only get better..

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” said Pooh. How right he is.

Or, if your name is Caroline and are extremely stressed-out how could I not be uncheered by a day at Champney’s  Spa?

A bit of all-over body massage, a facial and some relaxation classes will be just the tonic for this hyper-bunny and will hopefully put some perspective back into my world which seems to have gone a bit hay-wire recently.

“Me” has been overlooked and “Me” doesn’t like being ignored.

The real “Me” thrives on fast living and a varied existence but can only cope if physically and mentally fit and healthy. So, to get  “Me” out of this rut drastic measures are required.  Back in come exercise, relaxation and routine. Out go the toxins. Toxic food, drink and people.

Detox for Depression!

Things will get better.




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