Inspiration in a yellow shirt…

Anyone who has been watching “Dancing On Ice” over the last few weeks can’t possibly have been unmoved by the performance of Johnson Beharry. This is a guy who suffered horrific face and brain injuries whilst serving in Iraq and subsequently received the VC for his bravery. His injuries have meant that he has been unable to return to service yet he was brave enough to volunteer for “Dancing On Ice” and subject himself to the scrutiny of the Ice Panel each week.

I can understand some of the comments based on  his skating ability compared with other contestants. But I challenge anyone to condemn him to the bottom of the pile based on bravery, optimism and determination to conquer his shortcomings as a result of his injuries.

Johnson Beharry deserves success. He deserves our recognition and he is an awesome example to anyone recovering from adversity. Go Johnson. You made me cry tonight because you were brave, happy, secure in the knowledge that you are recovering.

Vote Johnson!


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