Quotes I like-Colemanballs

I love sport and I especially love watching sport on the TV and having a good giggle when the commentators say something funny, ridiculous or rude,often without realising until later. Some commentators are better than others at “Colemanballs” and here is a selection of my latest favourites from the world of football. I hope they make you smile-they did me!

” His head’s the wrong way round”
[Alan Shearer]

“England can win the World Cup. If on the day, they beat the opposition”

“Tonight he’s not had a kick other than two headers”
[Robbie Savage]

“Uruguay is a country of 3 million people half of them are probably women”
[Ray Wilkins]

“Aston Villa attcking their 1000-plus fans behind the goal…..”

“Of course mistakes are made-some are even accidental”
Graham Taylor

“Everyone gave eight out of ten and you can’t ask for any more than that”
[Perry Groves]

“I’m sure they are going to make a couple of substitutions, probably off the bench”
[David Pleat]

” We scored three goals at home and ninety-nine times out of ten that’ll be enough”
[Dean White]

” The goalkeeper-his left hand just disingtegrated”
[Peter Beagrie]

“Zola can relieve himself now he’s 3-0 up”
[Charlie Nicholas]

” Jesus Navas….nobody gets on the end of his cross”
[Sky Sports]

“I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa at a very young age”
[Craig Johnston]


3 thoughts on “Quotes I like-Colemanballs

  1. Good I’m pleased! I have a whole bookful to share so watch out! Some of them are hilarious…..”His head’s the wrong way round”! I love that one. Hope you’re OK. C

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