Canal calm

I love water. I think it’s the Pisces in me that is quite content to sit on the shore or sea wall and listen to the rhythm of the waves as they break on the sand. I’m equally happy to stand on the pier for hours on end with a fishing rod in my hand watching the swell as it rises and falls against the wooden struts and on days like today when stress and depression really take hold I am more than content to walk along the canal bank enjoying the calm, still water of the cut. No waves, often no ripples. Just reflections, reeds and rushes for company.

I am lucky enough to live near a canal and it is one of my favourite places to walk especially when I need some peace and quiet. At this time of year there are not many boats on the water and it is lovely just to sit and enjoy the scenery and think about the heritage and traditions associated with the canal network. It’s fascinating and I never tire of imagining what it would be like to live on a narrow boat and live my life at 4mph and not 400mph. It’s tempting.


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