The A-Z of depression (A Part 1)

In amongst my random posts outlining my journey through depression, its impact on my life and family and the tricks and tips I use to help alleviate the symptoms I have the idea to work my way through the alphabet all the way from A-Z as it relates to depression. If nothing else it will provide a focus for posts should my inspiration run dry. I was wondering how to start, but I soon compiled a list of words beginning with the letter “A” which are often used in the context of depression and I will try and incorporate them all in a couple of posts which do not develop into novellas.

So to quote Lewis Carroll, “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop “ (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Let us begin with a couple of common “A” symptoms relating to depressive illness.

Anxiety and anger are just those. Both anxiety and anger can be beneficial, positive emotions in the right place, at the right time and directed at the right subject. But they can also be very destructive if not exorcised and expressed in a controlled way. They are often found lurking together ready to plunge you into extreme negativity.

The word anxiety derives from the Latin “angere” which literally means “to choke” or “to strangle” “to torment”. If you know someone who suffers badly from this debilitating condition you can clearly see that it is aptly named. It chokes, strangles and torments to the point of despair.

Anxiety can range from mild to crippling; from the relatively harmless butterflies in the stomach to outright fear. Anxiety can be a complex condition and in many cases professional help and medication are required to deal with the underlying issues. If anxiety is spoiling your life and preventing you from functioning seek help straight away.

Anger is also a very strong emotion and if it is suppressed or outbursts are uncontrolled and inappropriate it can lead to additional negative feelings of frustration and guilt. It is important that you learn to manage your anger by questioning why you feel the way you do, what has caused the anger and whether in fact you are angry, or confusing the feeling with sadness or fear. Being claustrophobic, I get angry when I feel trapped and find it very difficult to control that anger. Thinking about it however, it probably isn’t anger at all. It’s fear. I need to deal with the underlying fear to avoid the “anger” kicking in.

One tip which I wish I could adopt every time!

“When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred. “

[Thomas Jefferson]

My next “A” post will look at ways in which we can help ourselves and others deal with negative emotions. Anti-depressants, Affirmations, Acceptance , Awareness and Assertiveness.

Until then- Be ‘Appy.

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