Coming back home :)

Two weeks of family celebrations come to an end

When we set out for Iran two weeks ago we knew that we had a family wedding to prepare for, that it was to be my birthday and Feri’s neice-in-law was due to give birth at any time. What I hadn’t realised was that the wedding celebrations would last three days, that I was to get not one but two surprise birthday parties complete with magnificent cakes and lots of prezzies, Arezoo, Ali-Reza’s bride-to- be would celebrate her birthday two days after mine in fine fashion and that Razia would give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy on the 24th February to make it a birthday hat-trick. A happy end to a busy holiday.

This time a triumph of happy family occasions and thankfully not a funeral or mourning ceremony in sight.

We have as always been treated to some wonderful hospitality from friends and family alike. Excellent food (apart from the Kaleh Pache!), entertainment and a friendly welcome from all yet again. I have to admit that this visit has been somewhat more stressful for me than my previous one and I think that is because so much has happened in that short period. Coping with a different culture, language, customs, routine and constantly surrounded by people has taken its toll and many of my normal coping strategies fell short.

However, I am very grateful to all my friends and family both back in the UK and worldwide who have pulled me through this experience by just being there supporting me by acknowledging my blog posts or Facebook entries, responding to my emails and texts where possible and offering helpful advice when things were not going so well. Knowing that you are all back home and I will see you or be in contact again soon is a great comfort to me and all I have to do now is get on that flight.


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