Iran-bits and pieces

Iran has a most wonderful history and ancient civilisation to discover and there are so many places you can visit if ancient history is what you are after. The golden-olden times are indeed fascinating and simply amazing but what also interests me is the everyday life of Iranians. I have put together some observations which hopefully give you an idea of what goes on a daily basis.

Sede, the town where we live, has it’s own variety of bread “Nun”Sede. Freshly baked and collected 2-3 times a day it is a tasty bread infused with carraway seeds. Truly delicious and I challenge anyone to arrive home with the full quota without sampling some on the way.

This is a charity collection box where people donate surplus cash, mainly for the benefit of orphans. They are spread across the towns and cities all over Iran. It appears however that more than 70% of the cash people drop into charity boxes is stolen by drug addicts. The boxes are vandalized and propped open by drug addicts who are desperate for money. Iran has one of the highest per-capita rates of narcotic drug addiction in the world.

I think the bus coding system is so sensible and makes your search for the right bus so much easier. The buses are colour coded for each area of destination in town and they certainly brighten up the traffic!


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