Thinking Day

For all you ex-Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, you may remember that 22 February is Thinking Day. Today was chosen as it was the birthday of both Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave, who founded the Scouting movement.

You don’t have to be associated with Guides or Scouts to “think” and I for one will be thinking of friends and family at home today.

One of my closest and most special friends will be seeing their psychologist for the first time today. I will be thinking of them and wish them well with the appointment.  I so hope that it provides the support needed and recovery is speeded up as a result. “Good Luck *******”.  I may be thousands of miles across the world but I’m with you in spirit.

BIG hugs!

Stop worrying by Patrick Lindsay

Separate the anxiety from the problem
If you can’t change things,
worrying about them won’t help.
Allow things to take their course.
Options will open up.
Work out what you can do,
then do it.
When you stop worrying,
you think clearly.


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