Esfahan Bazaar-Master Craftsmen

Today, as every other day if I could, I was found wandering around the Great Bazaar in Esfahan. I am fascinated by this place and I apologise for being so one-dimensional but what a fabulous place it is.

Today I went exploring into areas not previously visited and came across some different crafts and products in the making.

The furniture shop was interesting. The frames of the chairs and tables already put together by the wood turner on his premises waiting for the customer to order their personal suite.

The copper beater (chaser) was sitting outside his shop putting the final touches to a large plate with a soft-headed mallet.

The blacksmith was taking a break from his anvil to make a cup of tea.

And a young girl was busy painting a typical Esfahan blue-ware plate by hand. Very steady and perfect in execution.


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