The Everlasting Wedding-Day 1

Goodness knows how much preparation went into this extravaganza but for us it meant three days of full-on wedding celebrations, dancing, meeting the relatives who had descended on Esfahan from far-flung corners of Iran and of course making the Bride and Groom’s happy event a momentous one.

It all started on the eve of the wedding day itself when the families of both the bride and groom met at their new apartment to admire the dowry. It is traditional for the groom to provide the accommodation. The bride’s family provides everything else and I was amazed by the fabulous décor, and a home completely furnished and ready to move into immediately. The family had even stocked the fridge with fresh food and drink!

The bride was stunningly beautiful in a long green gown, matching shoes, and of course nail polish! Slim, elegant and radiantly happy she sailed through the evening with great poise lovingly supported by her husband-to-be.

The party really started to pick up pace and the dancing began. It is a bizarre experience to sit and observe such an eclectic mix of people and modes of dress in the same room. This is especially noticeable with the women. Some clearly prefer the modesty of headscarves and chadoors indoors when men are present. Many are dressed in classy evening dresses which would grace any Oscar ceremony whilst some are not quite so modest. “Killer” heels are de-rigeur and I can’t believe there were not more sprained ankles being treated in the local A&E.

I survived the loud music, clapping and laughter to end the evening looking forward to the wedding ceremony the next day.

What will the bride wear tomorrow? She wouldn’t tell!


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