Kaleh Pache (sheep’s head soup)- the ultimate endurance test

I’ve always been a fussy eater and never touch liver, kidney, any offal or products made from offal such as faggots. I would love to have been a Doctor but I am incredibly squeamish and can faint at the sight of my own cut finger if I don’t sit down first!

So after a hectic week of three wedding ceremonies, two birthday parties (fortunately no funerals) I thought that I had completed the pre-ordained endurance test.

How wrong could I be. The biggest test was still to come when I found out that for today’s Public Holiday celebrations, the family would be served Kaleh Pache-sheep’s head soup- for lunch. Now when Feri makes this at home, I ban the slow-cooker to the garage overnight as even the smell of it bubbling away makes me feel sick let alone taking the lid off to see the eyes bobbing on the surface with all the other “bits and pieces”.

Luckily, his family understand my reluctance and I was made a special lunch of my favourite dish Qormeh-Sabzi and dill rice instead. Much more palatable and it smelt delicious too.

Even the local stray cats eat the left-over Qormeh-Sabzi as I found out in Esfahan. Have you ever seen a cat eat lamb, kidney beans with herbs and boiled saffron rice? You have now!


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