A Horse With No Name

After a slow meander around the Bazaar in Esfahan it is a treat to finish the day off by taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the Naqsh-e Jahan Square and let the four hooves do the trotting whilst you take the weight off your feet. You get to see all the main sights around the square at medium pace and is a quaint experience as you listen to the rhythmic jingle of the sleigh-bells hanging from the horse’s headpiece.

All the horses have names except ours, a new addition to the stable. A horse with no name.

The horse who joined us on our trip was called “Samanoo” which is a traditional Persian dish made from wheat sprouts and is usually made at Iranian New Year (Now Ruz) coming up in March.

As ever, the sights seen from the buggy are as beautiful as those seen on foot but photographs are difficult due to the rocking of the carriage.

The best taxi in Esfahan.


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