Still an Eddie Stobart Spotter!

Sitting in the back of the car watching the world go by is a luxury for me. Usually rushing from place to place by train it makes a pleasant change to relax in the back of the car looking at the scenery and watching out for Eddie Stobart lorries. For anyone who doesn’t know, all Stobart lorries are named after girls and the names can be found printed under the drivers door, and on the bonnet of the cab. Today I waved to “Macy Laine”, “ Margaret Jean” “Heather Jane” and “Maria Olivia”. Sad but true.

Many moons ago when William was very young and needed entertaining on long journeys we joined the Eddie Stobart  Fan Club and were sent a booklet containing all the lorries in the Stobart fleet. We set about “spotting” these lorries whilst hurtling down the M1, M6, A14 (great for Stobarts), A5 and M69. We are lucky enough to live within 15 minutes of all these major roads which made spotting an easy task.

As members of the fan club, we also qualified for free rides in a Stobart lorry at the nearest depot and we took advantage of this privilege on several occasions. It was amazing to sit so high up in the cab and look down at the traffic. All Eddie Stobart employed drivers wear collar and tie and enjoyed showing us their cab/living area which more often than not included a fridge, TV and microwave as well as a bed. I didn’t realise how big these vehicles are inside and how well looked after they are. I guess at £100,000 + they should be cared for.

William is 15 now and has long grown out of Eddie spotting.

Mum clearly hasn’t.



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