Better late than never….Iran here we come

The journey and the jokes begin

I am always a little suspicious when a wife of 30 years standing deposits her husband off with us for a two week holiday in Iran with a Cheshire-cat grin and an obvious “ I sympathise with you” look on her face before driving back home with gay abandon. I could sense her shoulders relax as she realises she’ll be driving home to spend two weeks husband-free and I stood and watched the smile spread from ear to ear as we connected in female understanding. Go girl!

Bless him. Javad is a lovely man with a heart of gold but his perpetual jokes are the pits and the thought of spending almost 24 hours in travelling in close proximity followed by two weeks of frequent visits is almost unbearable in the nicest possible way. However, not to be outwitted I am prepared. Firstly I insist on sitting in the back of the car on the way to Heathrow, my i-pod is fully charged, I have 2 books in my bag, a journal to write, and a new book of crosswords to tackle. No doubt there will be a film to watch on the plane too.

Feri can listen to the jokes.

Family duty fulfilled.


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