I Love You!

Find a Soulmate (Patrick Lindsay)

To have a soulmate, you must be one.
It’s usually a natural selection:
soulmates find each other.
But you must be receptive.
It’s a beautiful, rewarding friendship,
with a strong spiritual element.
It can’t be manufactured or forced.
To find yours you must look outwards, not inwards.



One thought on “I Love You!

  1. For anyone reading my comments I am frustratingly stuck in limbo at the moment with no access to this Blog to write posts only to comment. My email is not working either and I’m feeling very isolated. Something which hubby clearly doesn’t understand. If we can’t fix access to my Blog, please look at Roar-Blog on wordpress as I should be able to write on there 🙂 Thank you and miss you all 😦

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