Travelling to Iran

Today when you read this post I will be on my way to Iran. This coming week we have Valentine’s Day to celebrate, Feri’s niece gets married and it’s my birthday. Fairly eventful but if prior experience is anything to go by it will all pass  smoothly and I will be able to relax and enjoy the spectacle.

Previously I was concerned that spending two weeks in a foreign country with a vastly different culture, reduced at-your-finger-tip communication with my support network and the obvious language barrier and being out of my routine would put huge pressure on my ability to cope which would spiral me into a depression. Was this a genuine concern?

The reality was that everyone made me so welcome, I could speak enough of the language to get by, the way of living is so easy-going that I was able to relax and re-establish normal sleeping patterns without medication and at the end of a wonderful 2 weeks,  I was reluctant to return to the rat-race.

I’m looking forward to a similar experience but I think this time will be more difficult. I hope I get through it with good grace and patience.

In the meantime, as I have committed to Postaday2011 I have scheduled some posts to be published should I be unable to use the internet. During my last visit, I was able to post regularly but I don’t want to miss a day if I can help it. Apologies for the basic approach to some of the posts, but I am hoping to supplement these with more interesting pieces when I can.

Back soon!


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