Fear of Flying

To say that I don’t like flying is an understatement. It terrifies me to the point of panic attacks and aggression, cold sweats, dizzy spells and paralysis. On one 45 minute flight into Dublin I hyperventilated so much that I lost all feeling in my arms and legs. I couldn’t get off the plane for 20 minutes after landing  when the feeling returned and I could stand up albeit supported on both sides by understanding stewards. I fully understand why the Pope kisses the ground when he gets off a plane now (!). I felt like doing the same thing.

So with my 6 hour flight to Iran tomorrow approaching all too rapidly I have tried to keep myself occupied in the hope that I can stop thinking about it. I have been rushing around like a Dervish. I started off at the golf range hitting a few balls. I moved on to cleaning the car inside and out. Finished my packing. Cleaned and hoovered upstairs. Found 3 loads of washing. Watched the footie at lunchtime, did some crosswords, did the lottery and now all that’s left is Blogging!

So I apologise in advance. Nervous energy may prompt me to focus on catching up with the Postaday topics to keep my mind off the inevitable and I hope that I don’t bore you to death.

By blogging all night I hope to avoid re-living my previous experiences like;

Refusing to board a BA Fokker 100 to Stuttgart because it was “too small”


Asking a pilot, non too politely, to “Hurry up and land this f*****g plane”


Hyperventilating during a panic attack


Experiencing an engine failure at 3,000ft on the way to Berlin and having to make an “unscheduled” landing back at Heathrow Terminal 5 with emergency vehicles in attendance 😦

Happy Flighting!

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