Stop dancing on the edge of the volcano

I think I need an oasis of calm in this very hectic week of travelling the length and breadth of the country.  I hope these snippets instil feelings of peace and tranquility for you too.

Nature is infinitely patient, infinitely calm.
Everything comes, everything passes.

The future, no matter how threatening it may appear, can only come one day at a time.

Do nothing and be brave about it.

Consider a curve that can set everything else straight.
And smile.

Let the flower you hold in your hand be your world for that moment.

A quiet mind is the best cure for a low mood.

Cultivate calm in the garden of your heart.

Enjoy the calm that comes in the still moments after the storms have subsided.

Security does not exist in nature. Accept this and return to calm.

We can go through life cursing the darkness or we can simply light a candle.


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