The power of positive thinking and hard work

I try to look on the bright side of life. That is not something which comes easily after repeated disappointments and let-downs over the years and I still have to work at it. But that is exactly what I do. I work very hard and I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise.

Living with depression and its impact is hard work and no one else can do the graft for you. Yes, people can support and guide, advise and comfort, distract and entertain but you have to do the work. That’s how it should be.

Unfortunately, the last thing that you feel like doing when you are down on your knees is to work at it but you must if you are to see real results. So what are the sort of things you need to do to dig yourself out of the hole that is depression?

Focus on what is Real

Faulty thinking can distort what is happening around us and negative beliefs about yourself can cause a lot of problems. You need to challenge faulty negative and damaging thoughts to arrive at an accurate assessment of the real situation.

A ‘thought diary’ can help with this so that whenever you feel depressed or anxious make a note of what you were thinking, feeling and doing. Patterns may appear which you can work on so that you avoid or deal with your triggers when they arise.

Do something

Having counselling, talking therapy, reading books and watching self-help DVDs is all very well but unless they actually change what you do they are pointless. Even small changes are big steps in the right direction so don’t set the bar too high. Doing things will make you feel better and you should aim to do something every day. I know how hard this can be but the effort will be worth it. The next time you feel down, go for a walk, listen to some music, accept that invitation to coffee, spend time in the garden, clear out the shed anything which means that you can look back and say “I did that”. Even better, try to engage with other people and involve them in your activities.

These are just a couple of ideas which may inspire you to go out an “Do” instead of sitting at home waiting for change to happen.

You can’t get a better recommendation to get off your backside than that.

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