Ditch the guilt

There is a very good reason why airlines tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first in the event of emergency rather than try to help someone else. That is because you need to be fully functional before you can help another. It is important, in fact imperative that you do this otherwise you may not only compromise your own life, but that of others too.

Hopefully, you will never have to put the oxygen mask instructions to the test, but every day similar challenges and demands on your time may lead you to forgo your own physical health and mental wellbeing in order to make more time for others. You end up helping and supporting everyone else, leaving no time for yourself. You may even feel guilty or selfish about devoting time to your own pastimes and enjoyment. But everyone needs time out to live a balanced and healthy life.

Mother Teresa took 4 hours every morning to reconnect before she took a step into the world. Pope John Paul took 3/1-2 hours of quiet time each morning. Would you say that these people were selfish or idle?

Nothing and no one is more important than you are.

It doesn’t need to be for long. It doesn’t need to cost much but a little investment in some “me” time will pay handsome dividends and not only help you, but you will also be helping others too. You will be fresher, more focussed and resilient to the demands of daily life if you spend some time on yourself so go ahead and do it. Guilt free.

Permission granted.

Chill out [Patrick Lindsay]

Take time out.
Walk in the park.
Browse in a bookstore.
Relax in a café.
Go for a run or a swim.
Have a laugh with friends.
Break the cycle.
Then return with your batteries charged.


One thought on “Ditch the guilt

  1. Thank you Sis. I don’t think I’ve learned that yet. At least, not the “take time for me” part. But I have learned the hard way that I can’t function by putting others first over myself constantly.

    Good message.

    – Phoenix

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