A bucket full of Haribo!

Take two crazy chicks, one much zanier than the other,  a hotel in Edinburgh and an ice bucket full of Haribo and what do you get?

A fun “Tangfastic” evening of chatter, inspiration and laughs for my bestest mate Colleen and me. Two friends intrinsically  linked by a shared boarding school past, common goals and a desperate desire to heal the world.

When I say “dress down”for dinner, she dresses up. Apparently she is dressed down as she has boots on but it’s irksome to see her looking so bloody glam in her dressed-down state. When I leave her in my hotel room, she threatens to trash the place, strip the mini bar and jump on my bed. To cope with the long/short-sightedness problem she wears one contact lens and takes the other out.  Her earrings resemble  the chandeliers in the best Russian palaces and the hair is a mahogany red. A change from the auburn when we last met, and no doubt this is the tenth shade in the last month. Her purple tights match her purple velvet jacket perfectly. What will she wear when she gets old? [Refer to Jenny Joseph poem] She looks impossibly young and discussions centered around a joint 50th Birthday Ball in two years time leave me wondering whether to partake of major plastic surgery just to catch up with her.

She is funny, elegant, inspirational, quirky, generous and has an unusual awe of experienced-innocence.

And this is a woman who is in her 8th year of living with Parkinson’s Disease.



6 thoughts on “A bucket full of Haribo!

  1. Awwww, very good but I find it so irksome that I won’t see you for a while! And you have nothing to live up to, just be yourself and you will surpass everyone’s expectations 🙂

  2. I remember seeing your picture from an article posted. Don’t sell yourself short Caroline. No plastic surgery needed for you. 🙂

    – Phoenix

  3. BTW – Almost forgot. I saw this post listed on the Post-a-day tag pages! Congratulations. Saw several others from you as well …

    Love your body
    Aha! Moments and depression


    Bye Bye January, hello February


    – Phoenix

  4. Hi Phoenix- thank you for your lovely comments! I’m not sure that the ring 100% true with me and my low self esteem but plastic surgery will never be an option. Too cowardly to undergo the knife voluntarily.

    What’s with the posts? Not sure what it means!

    Thanks bro

    Caroline Sis

    • Hi again Caroline,

      Sorry. I thought you already knew about the tag pages. If you check out http://en.wordpress.com/tag/postaweek2011/ you’ll find selected blogs from the Post-a-week entries and from http://en.wordpress.com/tag/postaday2011/ you’ll find Post-a-day entries. And if you follow the pages of the Post-a-day back far enough you’ll see the entries from your blog featured there! And there are probably more. I only went back so far. There were over 1800 pages of featured blogs when I checked and it grows by about 40+ pages each day.

      But you’re famous! Congratulations. 🙂

      – Phoenix

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