Love your body

“Red” magazine (February 2011) is running an 18-page wellbeing special “365 days happier-the mind, body and soul boost that really works”. It’s on the shelves now.

If your resolution was to shape up and  get fit but all your good intentions have already gone to pot, you might appreciate this paragraph taken from the article;

Love your body

While all around you are pounding the treadmill, your job is to keep your body flexible and mobile. “Right now you are supposed to be storing energy and laying the foundations for the year ahead. Otherwise, you’ll be playing catch-up when you want energy to change in the spring” says acupuncturist Emma Cannon.

This makes sense to me and seems to fit in with the changing seasons and natural cycle of things. So mobility and flexibility can be the main focus until the spring when the days are longer, the nights are lighter and you feel more energised, positive and inspired to take up something a bit more challenging.


2 thoughts on “Love your body

  1. Sounds reasonable. Gotta admit that I alreay have no problem with my body though. I should. But I don’t. 😉

    – Phoenix

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