Bye Bye January, hello February

I can’t believe that the first month of 2011 is already drawing to a close and it seems like only yesterday that I was saying my goodbyes to 2010 and welcoming the new year. Where does the time go?

Well I know exactly where much of my time has been spent this month. Writing posts for this blog. Always competitive and up for a challenge I joined the band of bountiful bloggers on the WordPress Postaday 2011 initiative. So far so good and I have managed to post every day in January and am still going strong. February will be a little more difficult as I will be in Iran for some of the period but I will make sure that at least one post a day is forthcoming.

New friends this month include the rather special Phoenix, my brother across the water. What a lovely guy and someone who is prepared to write openly and honestly about his struggles for our mutual benefit. In only 28 days I have learned so much from you Phoenix and I look forward to you being around for a long time to come. Thank you.

Phoenix Rising

Closer to home things are a little shaky and I finally waved the white flag and surrendered to my ever-increasing mental conflict and chatter by re-establishing contact with the psychologist who helped me so successfully 7 years ago. My issues are very different this time round, and many are positive. But the incessant white noise in my mind is slowly but surely exhausting me and I need help. I am one of the lucky ones and help is readily available when needed. I look forward to bringing some order and focus back into my life very soon.

I finish January and start February in “Bonny” Scotland and will end February half way across the world in Iran. A huge contrast in cultures and environment and more evidence if any is needed of the diversity available at your fingertips in this era of global mobility.

Thank you to all who have stayed with me this month and leave comments and suggestions for improvement and further posts. All such comments are welcome and please continue!

Afternoon in February

The day is ending,
The night is descending;
The marsh is frozen,
The river dead.

Through clouds like ashes
The red sun flashes
On village windows
That glimmer red.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Spring is almost here…….


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye January, hello February

  1. A wonderful post Sis. Thank you.

    And fear not. Even if you can’t post every day, we’ll know you’re here. If you get the chance, I understand that you can future-date posts and they’ll be published when you request. If you can build up enough reserve material, you could continue posting, you’d just be hard pressed to reply to anyone.

    Hope you enjoy your trips. They certainly will be different in most every way.

    And thanks for being here, wherever that may be. I wouldn’t be here without you. 🙂

    – Phoenix

  2. Hi-Whether I’m here, there or everywhere I will be with you in spirit and when I look up to the stars in Iran I will know that they are the same ones looking over you too. I find that very comforting somehow-one of the most beautiful constants in the world, stars. Lovely. X

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