A friend in need

One of my dearest, closest friends is currently going through a tough time and I sense the sheer exhaustion and encroaching numbness which often follows such a period of prolonged anxiety. I feel hopeless, useless and helpless because I am unable to take all that pain away. But I can’t. I know that. But it is heart-breaking to watch someone you love hurting so much.

I hope and I pray that their life improves soon to an extent where some peace of mind can be achieved. Turmoil and inner conflict are difficult to cope with and keeping the faith is crucial. There is hope. Things will get better. I am here for them when I am needed. If I can help in any way I will. All they need do is ask.

I don’t ask my God for much. Truly. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t thank him for what I have, for the fact that I am still here and have a fighting chance for happiness, for my wonderful son without whom I would be incomplete and just to be able to wake up to another day is a privilege.

But I’m asking now.

I’m asking for some respite. A chance for my friend to recover their balance and gain enough strength to be able to deal with life as it unfolds. I’m asking for some breathing space and support from those closer. Understanding and acceptance doesn’t cost anything. A little effort and love works wonders.

I’m praying for a ray of sunshine to peek through and show that there are those out here who care. Nothing outrageous. Nothing unrealistic. Just time. Hope and belief.


I love you

I love you
not only for what you are
but for what I am when I’m with you.
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself
but what you are making of me.

You have done it
by being yourself

Take care XX


4 thoughts on “A friend in need

  1. A truly wonderful poem Caroline. And post.

    My wishes are with you and your friend. And my help, if I can be of any.

    – Phoenix

  2. Thank you bro-and thank you for your very kind offer, that means a lot to me. Life can be so complex and so hard sometimes and we all need our friends around to help pull us through. XX 🙂

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