Mindfulness Bell

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. It’s living in the here and now. Through mindfulness, you are not preoccupied with past events or regrets and you are freed from worrying about the future.

You can often find peace in the present as a result of shutting out all other thoughts.

But how do you stay in touch with the present when your mind keeps filling up with mental chatter and focus runs away from you like it so often does?

Take Time To Enjoy Where We Are

For me, learning about mindfulness and how to meditate is getting easier by the day and I have found an on-line tool which prompts me to focus on my breathing and helps bring me back into the moment. Many people around the world take pleasure in stopping and consciously breathing in and out three times when they hear the sound of the Mindful bell and I have given you a link to one below. Even the sound of the bell is calming and comforting and encourages you to stop what you are doing and relax.

You can set the mindfulness bell to ring when convenient for you.


Mindful Clock

Mindfulness bell

Mental Health Foundation-Mindfulness

The Guided Meditation Site


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