Guided imagery-pictures in your mind

A common relaxation technique for those with stress, anxiety or depression is to imagine a peaceful, calm and comforting place where you would like to be and where you can let all your worries wash over you leaving your mind a quiet blank canvas. In my experience easier said than done and I have struggled with this for many years. Somehow, my mental clutter comes rushing back to prevent me from enjoying even a momentary short spell on a desert island, lazing on a white sandy beach, my toes digging into the warm sand whilst being served cocktails as the sunsets across the azure-blue ocean listening to the waves lapping rhythmically on the shore…..etc etc you get my drift.

So, how pleased am I to have discovered guided meditation and all the benefits it brings? The answer is, “very”.

I now have a selection of short guided meditations set to background music loaded onto my ipod. These meditations are stories set to calming music and spoken by an experienced meditator. I have to admit that they are very soporific and so far they seem to be working. In a very short time I have come to look forward to my twenty minutes of “me” time, sitting cross-legged in the middle of my bed, nursing my nugget of rose quartz listening to tropical rain storms, waterfalls, whales and dolphins, imagining that I am stranded on a desert island, climbing waterfalls or paddling my canoe! The only downside is waking up to reality. Now that can be depressing!

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4 thoughts on “Guided imagery-pictures in your mind

  1. I have difficulty with guided imagery and meditation too, but when I am able to relax and get into it…the benefits are priceless! Really clears my head. Thanks for this post!

  2. Thank you both for your comments- It’s good to know that meditation is not as straight-forward as I thought it was and that gives me the encouragement to persevere. 🙂

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