Good news

I met a friend for a coffee and a chat this week and was heartened, thrilled actually, to find out that his life is turning around dramatically from what it was a few months ago when the depression monster was wreaking havoc with both him and his  family. Things are now looking much brighter for all concerned and with one last piece of the jigsaw needed to complete the puzzle there is huge potential for a new life, new opportunities, health, happiness and fulfilment. How brilliant is that and all in a relatively short period of a few months. It won’t have felt like a few months to him and there is a way to go yet before he is back to normal, but good news is a great impetus and I saw an excitement and energy starting to creep back in. It’s a while since that has been evident and it is fantastic to see these green shoots of a remarkable recovery. I treasure these moments and I hope that the story doesn’t end here.

I wanted to share this experience with you all to show that things can change. Hang in there. When everything seems hopeless, you feel useless and others feel helpless, don’t give up hope. Miracles do happen. Opportunities arise and you need to be ready for them so, underneath all that despair and doubt, keep believing. It will happen.


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