Charlie Brown-how to stand when depressed!

Chosen especially for my new friend in Canada who reminded me about Peanuts yesterday-thank you. You are facing any number of battles with an openness which is astonishing. I hope that you win the war.


4 thoughts on “Charlie Brown-how to stand when depressed!

  1. Thanks Caroline! The cartoon is great. And if anyone can’t win a war with your help, they were lost from the beginning.

    Thanks for finding me and helping me find myself.

    – Phoenix

  2. Thank you Phoenix-you are too kind. I’m pleased to help in any small way and I too am thrilled to have found you and it is wonderful to hear that you are waking up to life again.
    Simply wonderful 🙂
    I look for your comments every morning (no pressure!) and it makes a lovely start to my day when I find them.
    Thank you, it helps me too.

  3. No pressure taken. Just pleasure.

    My blogging may not always be at the same time. But I do look forward to seeing your posts and hearing from you. That is what carries me through the day. (But no pressure on you either.) 😀

    – Phoenix

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