The Do’s & Don’ts of Depression

by Gwyneth Lewis;


  • remember that depression can’t harm you, only your reaction to it
  • remember that depression always ends
  • listen to what depression is telling you, and change your life accordingly
  • remember that however much you blame other people, depression will only take you back to yourself
  • learn how to distinguish between your rubbish and what’s true
  • dress better than you feel
  • pace yourself
  • let go of what things mean
  • look at how you’re doing things as well as what you’re doing


  • attempt the Bible, War & Peace or A la recherche du temps perdu
  • join a gym for the first time in 15 years
  • push yourself to do anything
  • make any decisions while you’re depressed
  • forget that all that goes up must come down
  • tolerate people who pull you down
  • even think about how you are every day
  • compare yourself with anyone else
  • wish your depression away
  • less depression stop you from enjoying yourself


6 thoughts on “The Do’s & Don’ts of Depression

  1. Good points. I’ll give them some thought. I’m sure that all come from the experience of others and are valid. So I’ll think on each before reacting.

    Once again, thanks.

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  3. Hi Carolyn, you have a beautiful site. I enjoy looking at the poppies, especially when the weather is so cold right now.

    You’ve made some excellent points about depression, which I agree with overall. But there are a couple I’m not so much in agreement with:

    “Do… remember that however much you blame other people, depression will only take you back to yourself.” This one sounds like a person is responsible for their depression. I don’t really think that’s what you meant, but it might be interpreted by some readers as them being responsible for any illness they have, including depression, cancer, etc.

    “Don’t attempt the Bible. War and Peace….” I would agree re War and Peace and the French title (whatever that means) AND many parts of the Bible – the “begats” and some of the other parts of the Old Testament, which sound like war, not peace. But I would suggest that most of the first few books of the New Testament are encouraging and inspiring – my favorite is the Book of John, Chapter 14-17.

    For what it’s worth….

    Anyway, it’s good to see your blog as a support system for those dealing with depression. Thanks for your contribution to the online world.

    • Hi there-thank you for your comments I appreciate quality feedback. I’m glad you like the poppies. The photos were taken in my garden last summer when the blooms erupted overnight and took me completely by surprise early one morning. They were beautiful and I’m hoping for a repeat showing this year.

      The Do’d and Don’ts of depression were taken from a book by Gwyneth Lewis, “Sunbathing in the Rain” and credit was given at the top of the post. I agree with your observations and am pleased that it has stimulated some debate. It has been a very popular post so I will probably do a follow-up based on comments received.

      I hope that some people find my posts of some use and comfort. It is an environment where I feel I can help in some small way and retain control over my involvement. It is too easy sometimes to get drawn in and become emotionally drained and exhausted. By writing I can keep it all in perspective and protect myself too.

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