Resilience-a reminder

Resilience comes from your inner strength and is something that you need in truck-loads when fighting depression or negative thinking. Everyone has bad days, but it is how you react to adverse conditions that matters and resilience is the key to success. Take today for example;

Today I am working in London. I travel into London frequently and I know that public transport can be unreliable. My train into London was on time and everything on schedule until I encountered problems with the Underground. I was diverted off the Northern Line onto the Jubilee Line in order to get to Canary Wharf and when I arrived at the office at just after 10.00am my desk reservation had expired.  Grrrrrr…..So not only was I late but I had no desk.

 I could have given up there and then turned round and  gone home quite happily but after a deep breath and with help of one of my colleagues  I found a desk and set up camp.

Things were looking up until I decided that what I really needed was my pineapple yoghurt. Instead of eating it however I ended up wearing it.  I spilt pineapple yoghurt down my (black) skirt and over the desk and floor. By this time (10.30am) I was ready to give up on the day, concede defeat and could not imagine that the day could get any better. And there were times when I have to admit, that is exactly what I would have done. I was fine if things were going smoothly, but easily upset when things went wrong.

Now, I think resilience. Don’t give up.These are only minor blips in the day. Things could be a whole lot worse so put it behind you and move on.

That’s what I did. I had a very enjoyable and successful meeting later in the morning, a nice chat with a friend at lunchtime and I will be heading off home soon.

That’s not so bad is it?


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